As the nation's largest insurer of automobiles, State Farm feels compelled to address the issue of teen driver safety and we encourage you to join us and get involved. Together, we can make a difference.

Some Tragic Truths Auto crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in North America. The impact of teens behind the wheel extends beyond those drivers. See Miles to Go for a national teen driver safety report.

A Welcome Reality You can make a difference. Not only in the way you drive, but through the influence you have on others. Take a step and take a stand for smarter, safer driving by getting involved.

Parents Put your own driving habits to the test with the Driver Feedback™ downloadable app. Be an example of the driver you want your teen to become.

You are responsible for up to 80-90% of your teen driver's time behind the wheel. Use Road Trips® to review basic skills and plan the time behind the wheel.

Know the laws and be clear on expectations for new drivers through a pledge that can even lead to a discount on your insurance.

Teens Watch out for the other guy. Learn to be a better defensive driver through Road Aware®

Teens listen to teens, so let your voice be heard. Join with your friends and create a driving safety campaign at your school. Know that you can make a difference as you join with others throughout the country.

Educators/Advisors Connecting classroom learning with teen driver safety issues can be one of the best ways to reinforce learning and to change driving behavior.