State Farm® and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia worked with Congress in 2007 to designate the third week of October as National Teen Driver Safety Week. Given the prevalence of teen car crashes in October, this encourages parents, young drivers, lawmakers and educators to work together to change risky driving behaviors and help save lives.

Having a dedicated week provides a unique opportunity to focus attention on this national problem. The week serves as a time to shine a spotlight on teen driver safety and ramp up conversations about teen driver safety. Across the country this week, thousands of State Farm agents and employees will be participating in teen driver safety activities in their local communities, as part of Celebrate My Drive®.

Celebrate My Drive celebrates new drivers everywhere. State Farm created the program in 2012 as a means of sharing positive safe driving practices to inspire teens to be better, safer drivers. And it is with good reason. Auto crashes are the number one cause of death among teens in North America. But Celebrate My Drive is not about scare tactics or negativity. It is about emphasizing the safe choices new drivers can make every time they sit behind the wheel. If we can reinforce habits, such as remembering to think 2N2™: 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel, we’ll save lives together.

Celebrate My Drive kicks into overdrive during National Teen Driver Safety Week. To learn more about how you, your teens or your high school can participate in Celebrate My Drive, visit

For more teen driver safety resources and tools, visit Getting Involved to learn more about getting involved in your community during National Teen Driver Safety Week.