It is about teens and schools taking a stand in their own communities for safer, smarter driving.

Through Project Ignition (PI), public high school students team up with teachers to create effective teen driver safety campaigns in their schools and communities. This service-learning grant program is sponsored by State Farm® and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC).

As advocates of driver safety and youth leadership, we at State Farm and NYLC are proud of the way young people across the United States and Canada have come together to understand the issues and then act to improve teen driver safety. PI provides training and resources which engage young people to be leaders in teen driver and passenger safety. These young people partner with their schools, families, and community leaders to ensure they are part of the solution.

During the fall semester, students and their teacher/advisor build their application for a $2,000 Project Ignition grant. They identify a key safe driving issue they plan to tackle (such as distracted driving, seat-belt use, speeding, or impaired driving) and the strategies they will use to change what teens know, believe, and do about that issue. These projects go beyond simple presentations of what to know; they impact beliefs, and produce measurable change in targeted behaviors. In January, grants are awarded on a competitive basis to 25 schools. Projects are evaluated in May and the top 10 projects are invited to share their work at the National Service-Learning Conference and extend their programs through additional grant funding of up to $7500.

Meet some of our PI schools and examine some research-based tools for schools.