Parents play a crucial role in teen driver safety. Teens who say their parents set rules and pay attention to their activities in a helpful supportive way are half as likely to be in a crash. A teen’s greatest risk of crashing occurs in the first six to 12 months after receiving a license.

Set Permanent Driving Safety Rules:
• Use seat belts on every trip – driver and all passengers

• Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving

• Follow all driving laws, including no speeding

• Do not drive while impaired (drugged, drowsy or drunk) or ride as a passenger with an impaired driver.

• Do not ride with an unlicensed or inexperienced driver

Set initial limits to driving privileges:
• No peer passengers – only adult passengers at first

• No nighttime driving – gradually increase driving curfew after practicing at night with your teen

• No high-speed roads – start on low-volume, low-speed, familiar roads

• No driving in bad weather – begin in only fair weather conditions

• Control the keys – have your teen ask for the keys (even for their own vehicle)

Other Tips:
• Pay attention: Keep the lines of communication open

• It’s about safety not control: Make sure your teen understands your top priority is their safety.

• Lead by example: Always wear a seatbelt, put down the cell phone, don’t speed, and follow the rules of the road